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Eng-FRA-IT Member Countries

irske flag.jpg

Ray O'Dwyer

Irish Red Setter Club Ireland -

IIRSC Contact Person: Ray O'Dwyer. Mail:



Otto Koppitsch

Österreichischer klub für englische vorstehhunde -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto: Otto Koppitsch. Mail: 

Græsk flag.jpg
Dimitrios Gourounas

Dimitrios Gourounas

Pointer - Setter Club of Greece

IIRSC Contact/Contatto: Mail: 


Federico Cattaneo

Setter Club Argentino -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto. Federico Cattaneo. Mail:

tyske flag.jpg

Bernd Gimbel

Irish Setter Club Deutschland -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto: Bernd Gimbel. Mail:

danske flag.jpg

Frank Kroyer

Danish Irish Setter Club -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto: Frank Kroyer. Mail:


Outi Kostamo-Hakul

Kanakoirakerho -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto: Outi Kostamo-Hakuli. Mail:

fransk flag.jpg

Jean-Pierre Gotti

Red club France -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto: Jean-Pierre Gotti. Mail:

italienske flag.jpg

Angelo Brisa

Societa Italiana Setters - S.I.S. -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto:  Angelo Brisa 

hollansk flag.jpg

Ierse Setter Club -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto: Wilma Schellings: 


norske flag.jpg
Knut Reed - President

Knut Reed - President

Norsk Irsk Setter Klub - Contact/Contatto

Contact/Contatto: Henning Rud. Mail:

Sergey Shaginov

Sergey Shaginov

Club Russia  -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto:  Mail:

Sergey Shaginov, President of Russian Club

Simone Meili

Simone Meili

Setter et Pointer Club Suisse -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto: Simone Meili. Mail:


Camilla Paradis

Svenska Irländsk Setterklubben -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto: Camilla Paradis

Anatoily Golubchenko

Anatoily Golubchenko

Ukrainian National Pointer-Setter Club -

IIRSC Contact/Contatto: Anatoily Golubchenko. Mail:

Catherine Pil

Catherine Pil

Irish Setter club Belgium - Website:

IIRSC Contact/Contatto: Catherine Pil ; President;