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Announcement of the International Irish Red Setter Club’s Website

International Irish Setter Club


Dear Members

We are delighted to announce the launch of the IIRSC’s website.

 IIRSC has introduced a new website. The Site will focus on the international events promoted by the IIRSC, the European Championship for Irish Setters on wild partridge in France, the Practical Hunting European Championship for Irish Setters in Italy and the European Championship for Irish Setters on Snipe in Ireland, as well as important news about the breed from the affiliated countries. 

If you want to get in touch with IIRSC, or if you have some cool pictures, results or stories that are relevant to IIRSC and their members, do not hesitate to contact our Webmaster, Frank Kroyer at





International Irish Setter Club

Jessie won the Open de France 2018. ( France Championship for English dogs). This is a huge achievement and the Danish Irish Setter Club congratulates with this great victory

About Jessie

JESSIE de l'Anse de Ty Roux (FTCH. Apache des Sorcières du Sancy * FTCH. Darling de l'Anse de Ty Roux)

Female-  born 01/01/2014, Breeder: Bernard Trubuilt, Owner : Philippe Guittard, Handler : Emmanuel Bourgeois.

JESSIE is the 4th winner of the Open de France in Spring Trial:

1985 : SAMOURAI de la Chaume Rigault (Niepse de la Radazerie * Jeep de la Radazerie)- Owner : Claude Beucherie

1992: CHESS de la Radazerie (Samourai de la Chaume Rigault * Moanruad Precious) - Owner: Frederic Herbelin
2009: URTIS de La Chaume Rigault (Oslo du Val de Loue * Syène de la Chaume Rigault)- Owner Laurent Pernin


- Spring Trial Champion at the age of 2.

- Grande Quête Trialer at the age of 3.

- in 2017 she also got the CACIT  the 2nd day of the Open de France but was beaten in the final barrage ( mactning) by the CACIT winner of the 1st day.

- in 2018  she had been awarded 6 times in Grande Quete (3 times in Spain + 3 times in Serbia)